High School Students and Parents

What is Articulation?

Earn College Credit For High School Courses

Articulation is a process where you can earn college credits for specific CTE courses that you take in high school by matching the course requirements with an equivalent college course. As a high school student, you may be taking CTE or ROP classes that have an articulation agreement with FLC. This means that if you earn an A or B in the class, you earn credit not only from your high school, but college credit from FLC!

Benefits of CTE/Dual Enrollment Programs

  • Earn your college degree in less time
  • Eliminate duplication of coursework between high school and college
  • Save Money! Concurrently enrolled students don’t pay tuition
  • Experience the college environment
  • Explore career fields before starting college

High School Student Articulation Resources

Steps for Receiving Credit in FLC Articulated Classes

  • Parent/Guardian Permission Form:
    • High School teacher distributes and collects the Permission Form
    • Parent/guardian signature required for all students, regardless of age
  • FLC Registration/Student ID Number
    • High school student completes online application at their high school to obtain FLC ID number in the semester that college credit will be awarded
    • Registration questions: Email the FLC Articulations Coordinator
  • Grade Requirements
    • Students earning an “A” or “B” in articulated course are eligible for college credit


Who can receive articulated credit at Folsom Lake College?

Any student enrolled in an approved articulated course in high school who receives a final grade of A or B in the course, passes the approved final assessment with an A or B, and turns in their signed permission form with an FLC ID number.

What do I need to do as a parent/student?

If you are interested in receiving articulated college credit from Folsom Lake College, please have your high school teacher or counselor contact FLC’s CTE Transitions Coordinator.

Will the Credits Transfer to Another College?

The student should check with the transferring college to see if the credits are eligible to transfer.

Articulations with regional high schools

Below is a downloadable spreadsheet of FLC classes that have articulations with high schools in the region as of August 2016. These may change over time, so be sure to check with your CTE/ROP teacher or see an updated list online from the Statewide Career Pathways.

Download Current HS Articulation Agreements

High school students love the college experience

  • This program showed me what college is really about. It has encouraged me to continue towards college. The program helped me start on my future when I didn’t know where to begin. Allowing us to have college credits for the class gives us to have somewhere to go once school is over. We are now more inspired to start college because we have these credits. It’s fast and easy which is what teenagers need. It’s a great way to get started on our future, most of which will take place at FLC.

  • One can learn many things by joining the law enforcement course. One thing I learned was what college is all about and even what I want to do in college. I have a better understanding of the workload in college because of the many exams required in this course. This class helps students choose what degrees and what college they may want to go to in the future. We had many discussions about the best way to obtain a degree and what degrees are available to us, as well as which ones will help us get a job in Law Enforcement. This class is a great way to get college credit which allows for an easy transition to Folsom Lake College. This class not only helps students with college but also career choices. Overall this class is an awesome option for anyone interested in law enforcement or really anyone who wants guidance on what their options are for college or life after high school.

  • When I took this class, I expected to just learn about law enforcement. Not only did I learn about criminal justice, I have learned life lessons, how to get a job, and most of all how to be a better person and how to make the right choices. This course also offered me knowledge about how to choose my career path. I learned the pros and cons of working in criminal justice. Thanks to this class I have learned to understand situations from both sides. You can’t judge a person or situation until you step through their shoes. This class has helped me with a lot more than just criminal justice.

  • This class has benefited me by providing me with confidence to move forward with my educational goals. When I started this class I was just looking for a class that would suit my interest and teach life skills; however after finding out about the ability to get college credit while I studied my passion, I knew the program was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The benefit of being able to enjoy my studies, take a challenging college course, and earn college credit while still in highs school have shaped my future. I know I want to pursue education more than ever because I have benefitted from the rewards early on. This program is beneficial to all and I highly recommend it.

  • I think there should be way more of these classes because they give students the chance to discover what they might want to do with their life. Once you become passionate about something it makes college seem way more exciting and then more people would want to go.

  • This class gave me a sense of direction and the confidence that I can do college level work. It allowed me to have a more in-depth education while feeling accomplished.

  • The class I took was stupendous and extremely intriguing. This class prepared me for my future career and it gave me life skills and taught me what to do in medical situations.

  • I was so excited to learn that I would get college credit for this class that I could use towards my degree. It is also really convenient since it’s at school and I don’t have to go to the college to take the course.

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